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Brixton Lodge #982 S.C. is a Masonic lodge operating under warrant from the Grand Lodge of Scotland. An umbrella organisation, the Grand Lodge of Scotland represents the oldest Masonic lodges in the world. Brixton Lodge is represented locally by the District Grand Lodge of Central South Africa.

On this website you will find basic information regarding Freemasonry in general and Brixton Lodge in particular.

A South African lodge founded in 1905 in the Johannesburg suburb of Brixton, the lodge has changed meeting venues over the years and now meets at 75-13th Street in Orange Grove. Click here to view a map. Our sponsor lodges are Lodge Scotia #973 and Lodge Gordon #804  and our daughter lodges are Lodge Florida #1092, Lodge Pythagoras #1447, Lodge Dromedaris #1471 (Closed),  and Lodge Mo Dachaidh #1685 (Closed).

The lodge meets for one regular meeting and one committee meeting a month. The regular meeting is on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and the committee meeting is on the same day but earlier. Brethren wishing to visit us please note we admit visitors at 20h00 for regular meetings and at 19h15 for our installation in February. We are in recess in December and any public holiday our meeting day might fall on.

Please have a look around  the site and be sure to visit the Contact Us page if you have any questions regarding Freemasonry, visiting the lodge, or if you wish to ask about membership.