Visits to Other Lodges

Visiting other lodges is an incredibly important part of Freemasonry as visits allow Masons to support other Masons’ lodges, learn from other lodges, exchange ideas with a broader scope of person and form bonds of brotherhood beyond their own lodge. It reinforces those shared experiences that transcend the individual and his lodge and helps serve as a guide in our search for meaning and understanding within our Masonic journey. We are often led by a sense of aesthetics, to explore the linguistic and visual beauty of the other lodges’ way of doing things as we seek out a different perspective to our own lodge practices.

Fraternity exists between the Scottish, English, Irish, South African and the Grand East of the Netherlands constitutions. South Africa is fairly unique in hosting so many constitutions. Inter-constitutional visiting by members to lodges under the jurisdiction of these constitutions is recommended. Brethren are reminded that visits to un-recognised constitutions are prohibited. Brethren wishing to visit lodges under different Grand Lodges overseas should first contact the Secretary who can advise on those recognised by the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Brixton Lodge has a strong tradition of visiting other lodges. As a service to our brethren who may be looking for a lodge to visit on a particular night with a lodge brother here is a listing of visits that various brethren usually undertake:

Lodge Meeting Day Area Notes
Scotia 1st Friday Orange Grove
Sound Memory 2nd Monday Orange Grove Even months only, not Dec.
Norwood 2nd Wednesday Norwood UGLE; Visitors in at 7.30
Golden Thistle / Pythagoras 3rd Thursday Parktown Dining Lodge
Mo Dachaidh 2nd Thursday Parktown Odd months only; Dining Lodge
Florida 3rd Monday Horizon View
Star of the Rand 3rd Tuesday Parktown GSLA; Dining Lodge
Transvaal Volunteer 3rd Friday Orange Grove
Somah Herber 4th Wednesday Parktown Dining Lodge
Century Lodge of Research 5th Tuesday Orange Grove Dining Lodge

Please confirm your intent to visit with the Master of the Lodge and he will tell you which brother does the visiting.

Additionally there is a young Masons meeting on the last Sunday of the month for new Masons. Please confirm with the Master of the Lodge as the location varies.

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